The Arc’s P.L.U.S program, Preschool Learning through Understanding and Success, offers a unique learning environment that fosters all abilities for children from a young age. In an inclusive setting, the program provides the opportunity for children with disabilities and students of all abilities to learn and work together at different developmental levels. The Arc’s P.L.U.S. early childhood preschool is Pennsylvania state-licensed, operates year-round and accepts new student enrollment throughout the year.

Children are eligible to start attending P.L.U. S. as early as two years and seven months of age (must be prior to their first day of school) through age five. Children may attend the P.L.U.S. program for as little as one day a week up to five days a week with school day hours from 9 AM to 2 PM daily.  Small class sizes and low teacher to child ratio provides for individualized attention and the ability for teachers to adapt programming to each student’s style of learning. With a full-time nurse on-site, nursing services are available for all students based on each child’s needs.

The program is led by highly trained and certified teachers and staff experienced in support of various learning styles with countless years of early childhood education and specialized instruction experience.  The Arc’s caring and committed teachers and staff deliver preschool educational program curriculum in a highly structured, nurturing and safe learning environment focusing on communication, social, and play skills. Quality educational programming is designed specifically for each student’s skills, talents, abilities and developmental needs.

The program offers a family-centered approach through open communication with parents and caregivers, including daily updates on each child’s routine and progress, and trainings and guidance for families to apply learning and communication strategies in the classroom at home. Classrooms are equipped with state of the art equipment for gross and fine motor skill development as well as iPads available in all classrooms to facilitate learning and development. Children participate in music therapy used therapeutically to address a variety of functional needs, such as physical, psychological, cognitive, behavioral, and/or social functioning.  Students also participate in monthly community outings, such as a trip to the local grocery store or a movie theatre. Community outings highlight the importance for inclusiveness and acceptance outside of the classroom and sharing real world experiences far beyond the daily routine within the classroom walls.

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